Making Your House Feel Like Home

When you buy your first house, you usually buy it with a family and spouse in mind.  Well, I didn't have either of those when I bought my condo.  Jeremy was a very new member of the family and didn't have much say in my purchase decision. But, when he moved in to the condo, I made it a conscious effort to help make it "our" house, not just "my" house. In doing so, we have started buying key pieces together to our house.  We are slowly working toward making our house our home.  One way that ... continue reading...

What You Learn Traveling With Your

What You Learn Traveling With Your Spouse

Who here loves to travel?  Everyone raises hands.  Yes, yes.  I know.  We all love it.  Did you know that you can learn things from traveling with different types of people?  Obviously, I travel a good amount with my spouse and I have learned a few things from him. Packing It takes me at least a week to pack my luggage no matter how long we will be gone.  Most of this is due to me being so excited about the trip, but sometimes it just takes me that long to figure out outfits and coordinate ... continue reading...

The Latest In Marriage

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I Vow

A year ago yesterday, I vowed to love a man for the rest of my days.  And he vowed to change the toilet paper rolls when I get too tired. Somehow we have already been married a year.  How did that ... continue reading...

How To Be A Good Spouse

How To Be A Good Spouse

I have been married a really long time - 9 whole months - so I know a ton about being married and what makes a good spouse, right? Today, I want to talk about how you can be a good spouse.  It's ... continue reading...


How Our Cat Has Changed Us

Having animals is great.  I love how cuddle-y they can be and how sweet.  And of course, I love loving on them just as much.  Our cat has such a different personality.  He doesn't get in your lap, but ... continue reading...

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