The Best Day: The Walk Down the Aisle


We had 2 photographers, so we were able to get pictures of me in the lodge waiting to walk down the aisle and pictures of the wedding party on the pier.

Waiting to walk down the aisle on your wedding day.

I started to get butterflies as I waited to walk down the aisle.  It was also fun to see everything happening from so far away.  I couldn’t really hear the music playing when the maids were walking down, but there were people to let me know when to start walking down and that was awesome.  My dad and I also got quite a few minutes to ourselves as we were waiting.

A father ready to walk his youngest daughter down the aisle.  The love in this picture is just beautiful.

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1478

Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new.  All contained in this picture.

I love this picture, because you can see my ring, my mom’s veil and my grandmothers hankie all together.  And, I love this picture because it shows my something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new all in one picture.  You will see more of my mom’s beautiful veil a little later.

While all of these pictures were being taken, we had the mothers and wedding party coming down the aisle.

The mothers walking down the aisle to their children's wedding ceremony.

Both mothers were escorted by the two best men down the aisle.

The groom walking down the aisle and his mothers reaction to seeing him up there.

This might be one of my favorite pictures.  I wish I knew who Jeremy was making this face to – he doesn’t remember either.  I also love this shot of his mom and her reaction to seeing her son standing at the alter about to get married.

The bridesmaids walking down the aisle to the wedding ceremony.

My beautiful maids walking down the aisle.

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1523

And Jeremy all set and ready to go.

During our planning of the wedding, I waited a while before I decided what I want to walk down the aisle to.  I also wasn’t sure how I was going to do it.  I thought I would start at the gazebo on the property and walk from there.  It wasn’t until about a month before the wedding that I decided I wanted to start at the lodge.  From the lodge to the pier where the ceremony was isn’t close.

I found a song I loved and still get emotional to, to this day, and decided that I had to walk down the aisle to it.  It also was the perfect length, and there is a perfect part of the song that would be fabulous to walk down the aisle to.

I know you have to be dying to know what song I am referring to, so here you go:

A Thousand Years by The Piano Guys on Grooveshark

Judge me if you want to, but this version of the song is beautiful and it really made sense for me.  I have loved Christina Perri since her Jar of Hearts days, so I knew this song would be incorporated somewhere in our wedding.  I plan on doing a music post to list all the music we used and where later on.

Continuing on.  Since everyone was ready and standing on the pier, it was my turn.  My walk down the aisle was a long one.  It took me 4:30 minutes, but it was perfect.  I was able to soak up the moment, get a little teary eyed, and share it with my dad.

A bride waiting to walk down the aisle with her father on her wedding day.

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1517

She will be getting a post dedicated to her skills, but one of my bridesmaids created all of our chalkboard signs by hand.  She free handed this one all by herself.  All that I did was send her things I liked from Pinterest and she created this on her own.  All of her signs were fabulous that she made for us.

A bride and her father walking down the aisle on her wedding day.

A father and his daughter walking down the aisle on her wedding day.

This mountain view was the selling feature for me for our venue.  I’m sorry, but it’s gorgeous with the lake.

A father and his daughter walking down the aisle on her wedding day.

Jeremy’s niece graciously held my train as I walked down the aisle.  You see, up until we got to our venue on wedding day, the pier and the walkway that I am on above weren’t painted white.  They did that for our wedding – because we asked them to.  The walkway to the pier was in bad shape and really needs to be completely redone, but I am so happy that they painted it for us.  Maddie was to hold my dress and veil to make sure that it didn’t get snagged on the wood.  She did a great job!

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1535

Our guests stood for the entire 4:30 minutes that I walked down the aisle.  Now that is love!

A bride walking down the aisle on her wedding day and getting a tad emotional.

A bride walking down the aisle on her wedding day and seems so excited to get getting married.

A bride walking down the aisle with her father on her wedding day.

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1544

I’m taking a deep breath because I almost didn’t make it down the aisle without bursting into tears.  But I made it!

A father giving his daughter away on her wedding day.

A father shaking hands with the groom on their wedding day.

And since this post is already way too long, I am stopping here.

Our Vendors:

Ceremony and Reception Venue – The Ridges Resort and Marina
Photography – Jason Hales Photography
Videography – Kimberly K Cinema
Florist – Moore’s Florist
Cake – Cakelady
DJ – Lethal Rhythms
Farmhouse Tables and Chairs – Classic Party Rentals
Beaded Bridal Belt – Elegance by Kate
Bride and Bridesmaid Robes – Silk and More
Brides Earrings – Sticks and Stones NY

On deck next week, our ceremony.  I am doing things a little different next week and I will be posting our entire ceremony with pictures during it (more for myself than you guys).  But if you are interested in a personal ceremony, then check it out.

The wedding ceremony at the Ridges Resort and Marina



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Living With Colitis


If someone had asked me 4 years ago what ulcerative colitis was, I would look at them like they just spoke a different language to me.  I would have had no idea what they were even saying, let alone what it was.

Living with Ulcerative Colitis - Chits and Giggles Blog

4 years ago, I met Jeremy and my life completely changed.  One day,  early on in our relationship, he mentioned that he had colitis.  I probably gave him a weird look but I wanted to know more about it.  It sounded kind of serious, so lay it on me buddy!  Basically colitis is a inflammation in the large intestine.  It’s in the same family of issues that irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease are in.  The difference is where in the large intestine the inflammation is.  Crohn’s disease is the most severe form, and usually ulcerative colitis will become Crohn’s disease as you get older.

Ulcerative colitis is maintained by drugs, but flare ups can occur.  Jeremy was telling me that a flare up (a bad one) is a similar sensation to cramps during our periods.  Lovely, right?  I can’t imagine a guy going through cramps when they are really bad, so I feel for him when he has a flare up.

So, why am I blogging about this?  Well, Jeremy is currently in a flare up and we are taking some huge strides to get him back in check.  Part of that is our diet.  During a flare up it is recommended that you not eat certain things like:

  • Fiber in the forms of beans, legumes, nuts, seeds and popcorn.  This can produce excess gas.
  • Fruits and veggies.  Only eat fruits that are melons or bananas.  And veggies need to be cooked thoroughly…no salads.
  • Spices, fats, and sweets.  Just avoid at all costs.
  • Fluids that aren’t water.

We are working on getting into the habit of eating better (week 2 of meal planning went well on Sunday.  All meals cooked).  But, one of our favorite things to eat is that Turkey Chili I made last week.  Well, that is out since it contains tons of beans.  Finding meals that don’t have beans or legumes that I can prep ahead of time was a bit of a challenge this week.

Even though it’s a little more challenging, I am committed to getting Jeremy to feel better and get out of his flare up.  We both know that eating fast food all the time not only made us miserable, but isn’t good for his health.  I know that he is miserable and wanting to change things when he sits on the couch, with football on, not paying attention to the TV.  He is focused on his phone, researching ways to change his diet to help with the bloated feeling he has.

It’s not going to change over night, but we are both committed to getting him healthy again and in a happy place.

If anyone has recipes that I could cook ahead of time that don’t include beans or legumes, let me know!


I want to introduce you guys to Recbecca.  This lady blogs over at Renovating Rebecca and she is fabulous.  She is a member of the Small Blog Mentor Program, and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to get to know her and help grow her blog.

Renovating Rebecca


Her photography tutorials are to die for.  They have honestly helped save some of my own pictures from ruin.  She has a way of explaining how to use a camera that just makes so much sense.  Photography tutorials usually bore me, but hers are amazing, full of examples and easy to follow instructions.

Rebecca is also a newlywed and her wedding was pretty fabulous.  There were chickens, and goats and her dog Finnegan (his name just speaks about his cuteness).  Her and her husband actually had a photoshoot with their dog.  I mean, how cute is that?

Renovating Rebecca

As if all of this isn’t reason enough to follow her, you need to check out her travel page.  Holy moly, she has traveled all around the world and I want to go to all of these places.  Her honeymoon alone is one that I envy.  She went to Greece and Italy.  What I would give to travel to both of these places.

Go check her out because she is awesome, and worth it!

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It’s Time To Lean In, Vol. 1


A little over a month ago, I mentioned that I was reading Lean In.  Shortly after that post, I finished the book.  It was fabulous, in my opinion.  Since I haven’t done a book review in a really long time, I figured why not today?

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg - Women, work, and the will to lead

What I liked most about Lean In was that Sheryl shared stories.  They were either personal stories or stories from peers that really drilled things home for me.  I also think I was able to relate so much to this book, because I am a woman in a large company and have found it challenging to mo up.

One of the chapters that “spoke” to me was about your career advancement.  She mentions that your career doesn’t have to follow a ladder path.  It could look something like a jungle gym, where you take lateral moves to help you learn the skills you need for a step up move.  I have made a few lateral moves in my career (sometimes because I wanted to and sometimes because it was mandatory).  I always felt that lateral moves weren’t the best, because you weren’t moving up and you weren’t getting a pay raise.

News flash to self — pay raises don’t mean much.  I mean, they do.  But that doesn’t define you as an employee or that you are successful.  Sometimes you need a lateral move to help you learn new skills or capabilities to take that next step up.  I have heard that lateral moves aren’t a bad thing from co-workers.  But I think reading it solidified that for me.  It’s OK to take a new job that is the same pay scale that you are currently in.  As long as you will be learning something new and developing your skills, it shouldn’t matter.

There is a section in Lean In dedicated to mentors.  This is something I struggle with at work.  Not that I can’t find someone to talk to, but that I can’t find someone to stick with and who really gets what I am hoping to accomplish.  Part of that could be because, for a long time, I didn’t know what I wanted.  I had no clear direction of how my career would go (when you work in a large company, it’s hard to know what is even out there that you might be interested in).  I still wouldn’t say I have a clear direction, but I do think I have focused my attention on 2 types of jobs I want in the future.

A mentor is so much more than “Hey…will you be my mentor?”  It’s a relationship and most of the time a work friendship that develops.  It’s so much more on the mentee than the mentor to set up time to meet.  As much as I knew that before I read Lean In, I now know it even more.  Sheryl has a way of explaining things that just make sense.

I want to make this a monthly series, because Lean In has so much wonderful chapters that I can’t possibly review them all in one post.  That would be torture for you.  Check back next month for Vol. 2