The Best Day: The Entrance


We are married!  And now we get to enter our reception as husband and wife.  One aspect of our wedding that I wasn’t sure about was the bridal party entrance.  I’ve just never been really into the introductions, but Jeremy really wanted it…so here we are.  We had introductions, and what ensues are some of my favorite pictures that we have from our wedding.  The 2 best men just rose to the occasion and totally won the prize.

I will just let the pictures speak for themselves, because they are awesome.

First out were the officiant and his wife – my maid/matron of honor.

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1700

Next up is Jeremy’s sister and brother in law, Eric…they are married, if you didn’t realize that before.

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1701

Next is Joanna and Adam.  Look for a post next week that includes the details and the signs Joanna made for us…like the 2 in the picture.

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1703

These 3 pictures are probably my favorites.  These two guys are Jeremy’s 2 best men and boy…they really do love my husband.

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1704

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1705

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1706

At least they were happy at the end, right?  HA!  Since my sister wanted to walk out with her hubby, it left 2 guys by themselves for announcements.  So why shouldn’t one hold the other…the terror on Aaron’s face is too good not to feature.

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1708

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1711

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1712

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1713

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1714

I plan on having a music post to include the music we used in our wedding – but we walked out to Capital Cities One Minute More.

One Minute More by Capital Cities on Grooveshark

So there you have it.  Our entrance to our reception.  We followed that by our first dance, coming in a few weeks.

Our Vendors:

Ceremony and Reception Venue – The Ridges Resort and Marina
Photography – Jason Hales Photography
Videography – Kimberly K Cinema
Florist – Moore’s Florist
Cake – Cakelady
DJ – Lethal Rhythms
Farmhouse Tables and Chairs – Classic Party Rentals
Beaded Bridal Belt – Elegance by Kate
Bride and Bridesmaid Robes – Silk and More
Brides Earrings – Sticks and Stones NY

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Wedding Wednesday

We Will Never Go Camping


Oh camping.  Jeremy and I attempted to go camping once and it will only be once.  To say that this camping trip was an epic failure would be an understatement.  Almost everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.  Where do I even begin?

I should start saying that this trip was in 2012 and I don’t think I have blogged about how epic-ly bad this was…and we haven’t been camping since then.

We Will Never Go Camping Again




How could a camping trip be that bad?

Oh, where do I begin?

  1. We arrived Friday night and it was late when we got there.  There were only a few spots available for us to grab.  Oh and did I mention that this park is really small?  The camping pads are pretty much on top of each other.
  2. I didn’t pack enough food…at all.  We had burgers for 2 nights, fruit, a bag of pistachios and that was about it.  I didn’t bring anything for breakfast and no junk food.
  3. We didn’t have much to do.  We went hiking to Amicalola Falls and drove to Jasper, but really…not much going on, so we were bored!
  4. It stormed and we didn’t have the tent set up correctly.
  5. We had a couple who came in late that night have sex all night long.  They were right next to us.  It was terrible.
  6. I only brought 2 PB and J sandwiches for both of us to eat on our hike.  No sides and not enough PB and J.
  7. We failed to build a fire either night we were there.
  8. No smores, no things to do at night…awful!




I am still scared by our experience and I am scared to go again with Jeremy.  I have been since then with girlfriends and it has been a wonderful time (even in the rain), but I don’t feel confident enough to go by ourselves again.

Have you learned anything from camping?

When I Grow Up


When I Grow Up

When I was a young thing I thought that I wanted to be a pediatrician.  I also planned to go to Emory and get in to their medical school.  I had no idea what that entailed, but I knew they made a lot of money and that sounded good to me.  I was probably 10 when I decided this.  It always seemed like a fun option, right?  Fixing sick kids.  What’s not to love?

Little did I know to become a pediatrician, I would have to be in school for a really long time.  They don’t pay you all that money for nothing.  When I was 10, I didn’t realize that I needed to get a Bachelors degree and then get in to medical school.  I think I just thought you could graduate college and then go to medical school.  I was 10.

I was around 16 when I realized that my dream was just that…a dream.  It wasn’t going to happen.  I didn’t have the grades to get in to Emory and I didn’t score well enough on the SATs to go anywhere in Georgia (we have the HOPE scholarship which will pay for your tuition if you graduate high school with a 3.5 GPA and keep it through college.  I got the HOPE scholarship, but that made getting into Georgia colleges nearly impossible).  Plus, I had already gotten in to Auburn, so there was that too.

I thought I wanted to be a pediatrician, and I ended up getting a degree in Logistics from Auburn.  How I went from helping kids to trucks and transportation, I can’t tell you.  But I know that I am right where I should be.  I don’t think I could have survived if I had tried to be a pediatrician.  I don’t like to see kids sick, let alone in the same room with them while they are whaling, so I will stick to my trucks and transportation – and those awesome red trucks – all day long.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

The Day I Almost Died


With all the super awesome Ebola talk happening right now, I thought it would be fun to tell you about that one time I almost died.  No really.  I almost did.

The day was March something, 2008.  I was working for Coca-Cola (YAH for still being employed there 7 years later), and I was living alone with my cat…yes that super cute furry one that makes an appearance occasionally on the blog.  He doesn’t like to be the center of attention…he’s a strange cat.

Storytime.  It was March so, when I got head congestion, I thought I had crazy allergies.  This was also before I got smart and started taking allergy meds every day.  I digress.  I knew something was amiss when I couldn’t keep water down at the office.  I mean, that’s weird right?  I had woken up feeling really achy and in a lot of pain, but not being able to keep water down seemed odd -even then.

The Day I Almost Died - Meningococcemia

Sidenote:  It’s crazy to still remember so much from this day – even though it was 7 years ago.

Continuing on.  As I am sitting at my computer in my cube, I start to get cold sweats.  Never good.  I let the bosses know whats going on and they have the sense to send me home.  When I got home, I got into some long pants and a long sleeve shirt…didn’t look in the mirror.  That might sound weird, but it makes sense in a minute.

I climb into my delicious bed and take a nap for a few hours.  I wake up around lunch time and head to the bathroom.  This is probably TMI, but it’s important…I swear.  As I am reaching for the toilet paper, I notice red dots on both of my arms.  Like any normal human, I start to freak out.  Err those weren’t there before!  Where did they come from?  What is happening to me?

The Day I Almost Died - Meningococcemia

The red dots I was seeing was actually the bacteria dying. They weren’t nearly as intense as these are from the hospital, but they were noticeable and scary looking enough to alarm me.

Since I lived alone and am in my early 20’s I do what any normal 20 year old would do.  I call my mom.  I tell her how I’m feeling and about the red dots on my body and she casually says that it’s probably strep throat with a rash.  But – thank GOD – she agrees to go with me to the urgent care office near my house.

The urgent care doctor was AWESOME – really…I have nothing bad to say about him.  He saved my life – and told me that I needed to go to the hospital.  Much to my mom’s surprise (she still thought it was just strep…silly mother), I was loaded in to an ambulance and taken to the hospital.  Then I head straight to the ER and am put in a room.  Man, those nurses are quick!  I’m sure they were warned told that I was coming and what I might have (there was a possibility of 3 things, 2 I don’t remember anymore).

After getting my blood pressure taken more times than I can remember, my mom finally got the sense to ask the ER doctors what they were doing.  You see, they had me hooked up to a lot of things and I had gotten some drugs for the pain, so I didn’t really know what was going on either.  Every time a nurse would go by the blood pressure indicator monitor thingy, they would push it to start taking my blood pressure.  Then the band on my arm (permanently there for the next 4 days) would start to fill and then release.

The Day I Almost Died - Meningococcemia

I had 2 poles of meds and fluids. 2 poles. I had never seen that much pumped into one person. Don’t ask me what I had pumped into me…I can’t remember.

After my mom asked, the sweet sweet nurse told her that they were checking my blood pressure.  My mom then asked, “How is it?”  And they said something I have never heard since.  Sidenote:  Remember from health class – normal blood pressure is 120/80.  They told us that my blood pressure was 76/34.  I might not know the technical meaning of 120/80, but I know that 76/34 is bad.  Like real bad.  That made my mom finally realize that it wasn’t strep with a rash any more.

After receiving a port, getting chest x-rays, a spinal tap that showed white blood cells in my spinal fluid ready to fight the bacteria, and who knows what else (I was heavily drugged and things are hazy after 7 years), I was wheeled down to ICU.  I spent 3 nights in Isolated ICU and another 3 nights in a regular room.  I had my finger pricked so many times that all the fingers on my left hand were bruised.  I had blood taken.  I had visitors come to me in yellow suits that made them look like platypuses.  I had family all around that stayed strong for me even though I almost died.

The Day I Almost Died - Meningococcemia

The Day I Almost Died - Meningococcemia

I couldn’t make a fist with either hand, but I wanted my teeth brush – probably needed them brushed desperately – so my sister stepped up and brushed them for me.  How many of you can say that your sister brushed your teeth for you?

The Day I Almost Died - Meningococcemia

I found out later that the ER doctor who was over my case (this was when I was in the ER), told my mom that I might not make it through the night.  She and my sister cried to themselves – or together – but never in my presence.  Everyone was so strong for me during all of this.

I was diagnosed with Meningococcemia, which is the meningitis bacteria in your blood stream.  It is in the same family as bacterial meningitis and Meningococcemia is usually what happens at the end of meningitis – you know, before death.  I’m lucky that I caught this early and that we had a team of doctors – from the urgent care to the ER to the ICU nurses – who took care of me in every way.

My story is nothing like what the patients with Ebola are going through, but it’s scary to remember, nonetheless.  Meningococcemia is an infectious disease similar to Ebola and I have NO idea where I got it from.  I could have been in contact with someone who is a carrier, but there is no way to know.

Hug your loved ones extra long tonight because you never know what is out there folks.  Just being honest.