Anniversary Trip: Maine

Have you ever been to Maine?  Man, it is so beautiful.  Jeremy and I headed up to the Moose state for our anniversary, and let me tell you that we were not disappointed.

We flew in to Boston, and then rented a car.  Did you know it’s only about an 1 1/2 hours away from Boston?  I mean, we couldn’t not go up there, because it was just too close to not head up there and spend a few days.

Did I like it?  No.  I loved it.  And so did Jeremy.  He really wanted to see a moose, but sadly none showed themselves.

On Saturday, once we got out of Boston, we decided to stop in Ogunquit, ME.  I really wanted to see Ogunquit again, and it was on our way to the house we were staying at.  And the weather decided to be nice and not rainy.




I can’t even tell you how amazing it was to get down on the rocks and take pictures.  Everything just looked so beautiful down there.  I love Ogunquit because they have a Marginal Walkway that you walk along the beautiful coastline.  Hence where these pictures were taken.  We walked down until the end, and then turned around after dinner and headed back to our car…and it was so cold we had to turn the heat on in the car!


After our stop at Ogunquit, we headed to Saco where we rented a studio apartment.  We used Airbnb and it was another wonderful experience!  Our house was perfect for us and everything we could have asked for.



Jeremy chose Saco, Maine because he knew that it was between Ogunquit and Portland.  It was such a cute town and one that I wanted to spend a little bit more time in.  It was close to the water (we could go down the road about 5 minutes and be at the beach) and had such lovely people up there.

We stayed in this lovely little studio apartment that was next to a house.  The host, Nicole, was amazing and so accommodating.  I loved meeting her and staying in her studio.  It was perfect for us and much less expensive than we found in Ogunquit or Portland.  It was just perfect.

We spent our actual anniversary up in Portland, and it was perfect.  Sadly, I don’t have many pictures of it, except for the obligatory Anniversary dessert picture.  Jeremy surprised me with picking the restaurant we had dinner at, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  Our waitress was interesting, but besides that, it was so much fun.



Would you go and travel to Maine?
What did you do for your anniversary?

How I Landed My Job

Did you know that I had landed a 9-5 desk job before I even graduated college?  It’s true!  I was fortunate enough to start my career 10 days after I walked across the stage and graduated.

But how was that possible?  Are you a magic worker?  Well, no.  I was, however, extremely lucky.

Let me take you back to the spring of 2007.  I was attending classes and anxiously awaiting graduation.  It was looming over my head and I was nervous about getting a job.  This was also before the crash in 2008, so it wasn’t terribly hard to get jobs right out of college…or so I have heard later.

The major that I chose – Logistics – was, at the time, one of the only specialized Logistics majors in the Southeast.  I think only Auburn and Tennessee had dedicated Logistics majors.  At Auburn, our professors really wanted you to get a job after you graduated.  I mean, they really wanted you to have one.  So much so that they hosted a career fair specific to Logistics majors and minors twice a year.  I don’t know how many other departments did that, but that was one of the reasons that I chose to major in Logistics.  They truly wanted you to get hired.

Well, I got all gussied up one day and had my resumes printed out.  I walked into the Business building and started talking to the 20+ companies that were there.  Many were trucking companies, but there was one in the corner of the fair that scared the living daylights out of me.  Why would this huge company want to hire me?


Little did I know that they had just created a brand new centralized department for dispatching and were looking for college grads to help fill in the positions they needed.  I didn’t know that at the time, though.

After circling all the of companies for about an hour, I finally went in for the kill.  I had to.  I might not get anything, but I had to try, right?  That was one of the best decisions that I made in my life – besides dating Jeremy.  It has proven to be a career for me, not just a job.  And with a company that I truly love and support.  How many people can say that?

How did you land your job?  Did it turn into a career for you?

My New Skin Care Routine

Finding a new skin care routine takes up so much time.  And sometimes, you jump in a little bit too hard and realize that what you were doing might not be the best for your skin.

That kind of happened to me.

When I switched to all Lush products – which I still use and love – I really jumped all in.  I knew I had to find something different for my skin and I was pretty desperate.  But desperation led me to not really consult my actual skin and I just went a little crazy buying Lush products.

I knew changing what I was putting on my face would change my skin.  It’s happened before.  But I somehow ended up buying too many Lush products that I don’t use anymore.  I have found a great combination of things to use – some I already had and some Lush products – that works really well for my skin.  At least for now.

My new skincare routine with Lush Cosmetics

So, what did I change?  Well, before I had bought all Lush stuff.  They were very generous and let me try samples of everything before I purchased, but then I did purchase everything I tried.  And I probably shouldn’t have been so hasty to buy everything.


One of the bigger changes I made was I stopped using the Eau du Roma water.  It just wasn’t doing what I had hoped, and I have a thing about actually wiping the dirt off my face.  I like doing it.  I didn’t like that I just let it sit on there without any wiping.  I now use pure Witch Hazel, which I have been using for a few years.  I use this twice a day.


I only use the Vanishing Cream once a day – before I put on my primer.  It’s pretty thick and I would rather not have it on at night if I can help it.  This might change in the winter, but for now, that is what is working well for me.

Face Mask

I recently bought a small container of the Mask of Magnaminty (the non-self preserving one) and I like it better than the self preserving one.  It’s less messy and it dries better.  I really feel it working hard for my skin instead of the self preserving one.  I will probably buy a bigger jar of this since I use a mask twice a week.  If I am having a really bad breakout or can tell breakouts are coming, I use a mask from Origins that really helps those stay away.

I still use Herbalism and Grease Lightening religiously though…and I love those 2 products.  They are the best for me and my skin.

Have you changed up your skincare routine recently?

Cape Cod Roundup

Since we are currently at Cape Cod right now (Hyannis specifically), I figured I would give a quick roundup of all the awesome places we have been at the Cape.  And there are a lot.

This will be my 4th time traveling to Cape Cod over the summertime.  I love it up there.  It’s so quiet and peaceful.  Talk about getting some reading done and just relaxing!  I can tell you that I am enjoying my coffee with the windows open and listening to the birds.  It’s bliss.


The house we rent is always lovely.  And it’s huge.  It has about 8 bedrooms and is just perfect for everyone staying there.



One year we went to Plymouth (you know…where the rock is and the pilgrims made it to the US).  That was something I had always wanted to do and it was so fun to walk around the town and soak up all the history.  Gosh, there is so much history up in New England that I just wished we could have stayed there forever.




We have also ventured up to Maine – which is really only an hour away from Boston – and spent a few days up there.  To say that was fun is such an understatement.  This year, Jeremy has dinner reservations for us in Portland, and I can’t wait to walk around the city again.  Rain or no rain…it won’t be dampening my parade.


I think I was trying to kiss the lobster here.  Who knows!  Either way, lobster in Maine is way better than lobster anywhere else.

One of my favorite spots in Maine is Ogunquit.  We will hopefully be traveling there for a bit if the weather holds up.  I loved how blue the sky and water were and how green the grass was.  It was just so beautiful.




Have you been to New England before?  What are your favorite spots to visit?

I Vow

A year ago yesterday, I vowed to love a man for the rest of my days.  And he vowed to change the toilet paper rolls when I get too tired.

Somehow we have already been married a year.  How did that happen so quickly?  I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday, and here we are already at one year.  I know there are many many more years to come, but I still can’t get over that we celebrated one year of marriage yesterday.

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1251

Because this is a post all about our first year of wedded bliss, what better way to remember your wedding day than the vows you said to each other?

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1960


The past has provided so many memories we can share forever.  The present is this moment right now as we stand here with our friends and families.  The future seems yet so far away, but I can see it clearly every time I look at you.  From this day forward and forever, you will always have my trust, my love, my life, and a little bit of Expect Patronum for good measure.

I promise to always take care of you, to provide for your needs, to protect you from danger and to be the most loving, sincere husband.  I will be that rock you can always count on to do the dishes when you’re too tired.  Or to change the toilet paper roll when you use the last bit of paper.  I will always be there for you no matter what.  I will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are the happiest girl in the world.  I knew you were the one and will be forever.  We share a special bond and that bond today only strengthens.  I will love you today and forever until our day comes to pass.  Thank you for making this day memorable and I love you with all of my heart.

jason hales photo - kristyn jeremy wed-1479


Because of you, I know what it means to love completely.  With all of my heart, I believe that we were destined to meet each other on that June day 4 years ago.  You were in just the right place at just the right time to make such a difference in my life…a difference that will last forever and one that I am so grateful for.

It is hard to put into words how lucky I am to have you in my life…for all the times you have listened instead of telling me what to do.  For all the times you have hugged away my troubles.  For all the laughs over nothing.  For the many tears dried.

It is not just how I feel when I am with you, it is who I am because of loving you.  I am so much more than I could ever be alone…more joyful, more alive, more hopeful, more positive about the future, more comfortable about the past, more sure of my purpose in this world and I will remain forever in love with you.

Every day with you has added up to this day.  And on this day, I vow to love you more each and every day.  I vow to tell you how thankful I am that you chose me to be your wife.  And I vow to always believe in you, no matter what life throws at us.  I vow these things because I love you with all that I am and with all of my heart.

How To Pack For 7 Days In A Carry On

As you are reading this, we are getting ready to head up to Boston and Maine for our first anniversary.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to go on a quiet and relaxing vacation where we have no plans and no expectations.  I love traveling, but I hate checking my luggage at the airport.  So, we carry it on.  Always.

Ever wonder how people pack only in a carry on even if they are going to be on vacation for 7 days?  I'm here to tell you how it's possible and not that difficult to do!

Now, this might not seem like a huge deal to you, but we will be gone 7 days.  And packing things for 7 days in a carry on is a bit more stressful than you might imagine.

So how do you do it?
  1. Plan all of your outfits ahead of time.  Make sure you include undies and whatever undershirts you are going to be packing as well.
  2. Make sure every shirt has a pair of short/jeans to go with it.  One of the biggest things I have noticed when I pack my carry on is that I can’t overpack.  I don’t have the room, and as much as I want to pack a ton of extra shirts/skirts/dresses, it just won’t fit.
  3. Get all your toiletries ready and in the correct sized containers.  I know, I know.  It’s a pain to do, but you need to get them done early so that you know how much extra room you have for everything else.  And make sure all the liquids fit in the quart sized baggie.
  4. Roll all your outfits.  Yes, roll them.  I’m sure there are people out there that might think this doesn’t save room, but oh man…it really does work.  Roll those shirts, shorts and dresses ladies.  You can thank me later.
  5. Save room for your toiletries either at the top of your clothes or in a corner.  Since your clothes are rolled in there, it should be easy to save a spot for your shampoo and things like that.
  6. REALLY consider if you need your hair dryer.  When we go to Boston, they don’t have AC where we stay, so I won’t want to bring a hairdryer.  It will get too hot and I don’t have the room anyways, so it will stay home.  That holds true for the straightener too.  I won’t be bringing that.
  7. If you decide you need makeup, maybe only bring the bare minimum.  You don’t need to get all decked out – you are on vacation!
  8. Don’t forget a swimsuit and be on your way!  Your vacation awaits.
What else should be added to this list?