The Best Day: Getting Ready


Our wedding day was magical.  There are so many aspects of it that I have already forgotten (so thankful for amazing pictures and a beautiful video).  I’m so excited to finally be able to share our wedding day with you, in much more detail than I have before.  So here we go.

Since Jeremy and I are very non-traditional, we actually stayed together the night before the wedding (GASP!).  I know.  But it didn’t make sense for Jeremy to book a hotel room for himself for 1 day, nor could we have done that anyways, so it made sense.  So, we woke up together and even had breakfast together.  Then, it was time to hang out with my ladies and get our hair done.

All photos are from Jason Hales Photography.

Hanging my dress up right when I got in the room was a must!  Lace dresses need time to breathe and air out before you put them on, so put that sucker on a hanger and admire it all day long!  Getting ready for our wedding day was so much fun.  I had lovely ladies all around me, and I got to get pampered before the craziness began.

wedding dress hanging with shoes


wedding day bling


getting ready in room


Before I knew it, it was time to start getting accessories on and get that dress on.


getting ready earrings

getting ready zipping up

getting ready zipping up with mom


I love that my mom zipped me into my dress.  It’s such a cool moment that we have together and I love her to death!


getting ready zip up with mom

getting ready shoes

getting ready tape


I love my dress.  I still do, but if there is any advice I can give to brides who wear sleeves, make sure that you have plenty of fashion tape.  You will use it.  Just take my word for it.  I sweated so much at the reception, that the tape became pretty much useless…so I had to put more on all the time.  Oh, and don’t let me mention about having to pee.

getting ready excited

getting ready makeup


This lovely bridesmaid above actually did my makeup for me on wedding day.  She did a fabulous job.  You will see more of her amazing decor work in later posts (she did all of our signage).

getting ready makeup bride

getting ready lace

This picture is so special to me because during alterations, the ladies who were in charge of my alterations used the lace from my moms dress to cover the bustle buttons.  You can tell which part is from my mom’s dress because her dress and veil were stark white.  My dress was ivory.  But, honestly, I didn’t care.  It was something special that I was able to use on wedding day that it didn’t matter.

The lace from my moms dress and her veil matched the lace on my dress, so it was a pretty seamless addition, minus the color difference.

On deck next week…my first look with my dad.  Someone very special to me made a surprise appearance too!

first look with dad


What did you do when you got ready for your wedding?

The Weight Issue, Vol. 1


When I took a break from blogging, so much was going on in my life.  I just didn’t have time to write posts and engage with other bloggers the way that I wanted to.  Wedding planning pretty much controlled my life, and that was fine with me.  I figured it was that way for everyone.  I also had that whole, “I have to work out so that my dress will fit” thing going on.  And I did.  And I fit in my dress, and I felt amazing on my big day, but man…working out like that has ruined me!

How is that possible?  Well, I was working out 3 days a week for at least an hour each session.  I had a trainer – which was necessary to motivate me – and I really started to see results.  But I also was noticing that my body was changing (and I don’t mean physically).  It just ruined me and the way my monthly cycle was – as in I didn’t have one for 4 months. (TMI?)  Fun right? Yea, no fun.

the weight issue vol. 1

Since I have stopped the intense workouts and have been eating like crap for the last 2 months, things are back to normal.  But I have gained weight.  Like 10 pounds at least in 2 months.  Maybe more like 7, but still…enough to notice a change.

So, last night I made the decision to get back on Weight Watchers.  It helped me so much before, that I have to give it a try again.  And this time, I will be doing things differently.

  • I want to cook more meals, instead of eating tons of Lean Cuisines.
  • If I do eat a Lean Cuisine, I want it to be Salad Additions instead of the meals.  I feel like there isn’t as much salt and bad things in those.
  • I will be working out more consistently.  I will either be working out at the gym at work, or Jeremy and I will be going on walks around our neighborhood.
  • I need to start taking charge and hold myself accountable.

One thing I have learned is that this is going to be a constant struggle for me.  I have yo-yo-ed with my weight for so long, so I know that I need to work on making permanent changes to my lifestyle (and in turn Jeremy’s lifestyle) to get myself back where I want to be.

I’m just tired of the way I look and the way I feel in my clothes.  They aren’t fitting the same as they did 2 months ago – thank you fast food – so it’s time for a change.  I want to feel confident and beautiful again and I feel like this is the best way to get there.

I knew I was gaining weight, but I didn’t really know it until I stepped on the scale this weekend.  That was the wake up call I needed to start turning things around.

How do you live a healthy lifestyle?

Do Women Lean In?


I have finally started reading books again.  There was a good 6 months where I wasn’t interested in reading a book.  Probably because of that whole wedding planning thing that was happening.  Well, since that is over, I finally can start reading again.

And I am so happy to finally be reading again.  It feels so amazing to get lost in other people’s lives – even if they are fictional.

After reading 2 summer-beachy books, it’s time I finally start reading something serious.  I decided to read Lean In.

lean in book

I have blogged about Sheryl Sandburg and her TED Talk speech she gave last year.  A lot of what she talks about in the video is in her book, and I love the idea of learning about how women need to start getting in leadership roles.

Now, I just started reading this book, but there are so many things that she has mentioned so far that I truly believe to be true.

  • Fear drives so many of our decisions – even if we – as women – don’t realize it.
  • The Leadership Ambition Gap – men are more ambitious and move to leadership roles even though women are more qualified.
  • There aren’t that many women in leadership roles at companies.
  • Male and female babies are treated differently, even at a young age.

I could go on and on, but this is what I have learned so far, and I’m only on Chapter 2.

I can’t wait to see what else I learn from this book.  There is so much exciting info and I am ready for some self reflection.

Do you agree with Sheryl’s ideas?