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Hello readers of Chits and Giggles! My name is Rebekah and I blog over at Blue Giraffes and Concrete Jungles.

Kristyn has been awesome enough to let me take her space today- and when first offered the gig I kind of panicked. I had nothing to talk about, and honestly I still don’t. My mind is blank. So with my lacking inspiration I decided I would just let you guys get to know me, and hopefully I can get to know you too.

First off, my name is Rebekah (see that K in there?). It’s a little different than the normal spelling, but I will let you know it is still pronounced just the same. You would be very surprised of how many ways I’ve heard it. I will respond to Rebekah, Bek, Bekah, Monkey, Babekah, but never Becky. No, It’s Becky- but really I hate Becky. It you don’t want to be friends with me then you should use that name.

I live in NYC- been here for about 5.5 years and I still can’t believe it myself. New York is a rockin’ place and I very much appreciate the seasons because I grew up in Florida. Game-changer! My father works for Disney World (it is okay to be jealous) and I was sick of the heat. After college, in Virginia at a very small private women’s college called Hollins, I moved even further up. So far no regrets.

Here in NY I have kind of a funky job, I work as a house manager. You might now be asking yourself, What is a house manager? and I will tell you. It means in a weird way my job is to be a stay-at-home mom. I’m the chef, the nanny, the personal assistant, the liaison between other household staff members and service providers. I’m the everything. I work long hours and am sometimes crazy busy and other times I just sit around all day and blog. Welcome to NY, where someone is able to hire someone else to manage their lives. The coolest thing about my job is that (even though I probably shouldn’t post this on the internet!) Tim Gunn lives in their building. I see him about once a month and we like to chat the weather. I also travel with them, and we usually go first class. bling bling.

my two monkeys

Which brings me to my blog! I think it is a great space- a place that is comfortable, mostly happy and about real life. I do a lot of book reviews (an addiction!), recipes (perk of the job) and travel. I’m also that typically blogger who tells you about their fun-filled (or lazy) weekend. I’m a tv-fiend, bookworm galore, and am trying to find my place in the world just like each and every one of you.

I hope you can stop by and say hello- hit me up on any of the following spaces!

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Finding A Great Photographer

Sometimes it’s the smallest encounter that can change your life forever.  A chance encounter at a bar could eventually lead to your husband.  A chat over coffee could lead to a best friend forever.  Or entering the potluck pool for incoming freshman to the dorm, and finding your best friend.  Sometimes you just never know what could happen in life.  And that is truly what makes it so beautiful.

Finding A Great Photographer

Our wedding photographer blogged about our wedding last week, and in his post he reminded me of the story of how we found him.  It didn’t involve endless Google searches.  It didn’t involve a million emails to a bunch of different photographers.  It involved chance.  And luck.  And a fiance that was smart.

Let me take you back over 2 years ago.  Jeremy was working at a cell phone retail store and a very annoyed Jason walked in.  At that point, he truly walked into our lives.  His iPhone was broken and he wasn’t happy at all.  Jeremy happened to help him that day.

Jason Hales Photography Wedding Collage

Photography by Jason Hales Photography

You know when you give your phone number to a cell phone provider, they can pull up your information?  Well, when Jeremy did that he saw Jason’s email and asked what kind of photography he did.  Once Jeremy said that he was recently engaged, it was like fate stepped in.  He got his card and brought it home.  He told me that night that he thought we found our photographer.  But I was skeptical, because I can be a skeptic sometimes.

I poured over his wedding pictures.  I wasn’t sure what style of photography I wanted for our wedding, but it mattered to me that Jeremy loved the pictures.  And I am so glad that I went with him on this.  I really felt relieved after meeting Jason in person.  All my questions were pushed aside, and we were able to choose our photographer.  We booked him in January of 2013 and then just waited.  And waited.  And waited.

Taking a chance turned out to be the best thing I could have done.

When did you last take a chance?

Hello 31

At 4:10 this morning, I turned 31.

2015-01-26 10.10.20

I remember being in my 20’s and being so scared to turn 30.  Then 30 happened, and was an incredible year.  And now I just will be embracing the years as they come and go.  I obviously can’t change how old I am, so why not just let all that negativity toward the big 3-0 go and just be happy?

That’s what this year is going to be all about.  Being happy and embracing life.

30 turned out to be the best year of my life.  But I do know that 31 is going to be pretty darn awesome too.  For one thing, I will be enjoying a much needed massage and pedicure this weekend.  I have a pretty awesome husband who surprised me with this massage.

2015-01-25 18.39.16

Cheers to so many more years!

Valentine Date Ideas in Atlanta

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  I have teamed up with Rebekah at The Straight Arrow to bring you guys some date ideas for Valentine’s Day.  These are all date ideas in and around Atlanta, but you can apply these ideas anywhere.  Just because the title says Atlanta, it doesn’t mean these only apply to Atlanta!

Valentine Date Ideas

1)  Have dinner at Bacchanalia.  I have yet to have dinner here (it’s expensive and romantic) but it is on our list of places to have an anniversary dinner.  We will be heading to Cape Cod for our first anniversary, but we will be eating here soon.  What makes this place special?  It has a prix fixe menu for a set price.

2)  Go to a show at The Fox Theatre.  We have been to a few things at The Fox and it is just magical.  I absolutely love The Fox.  There are tons of shows that come to the Fox, including musical acts or comedians.  We have seen George Lopez and are seeing Jerry Seinfeld there.

The Fox Theatre in Atlanta

3)  Take a day trip up to the mountains.  I know I have mentioned the mountains before, but you can go visit the mountains anytime you want if you live in Atlanta.  It’s only about an hour away from the city.  The mountains hold such a special place in my heart, and I absolutely love that I can see them anytime I want.

North Georgia Mountains

4)  Go to Piedmont Park or Centennial Park and walk around.  There is something so special about being in the center of the city and both of these parks are great places to go walk around or go for a picnic.  Piedmont Park is huge, and you can go multiple times and always go somewhere different.  I just love that about our city.  Centennial Park also has the Skyview Ferris Wheel for great views of the city and downtown.

Centennial Park in Atlanta

Now, it’s Rebekah’s turn:

1| Go to the wineries in Dahlonega. David and I love them and go up as often as possible. The two wineries I would recommend are Monteluce and Wolf Mountain. They are about an hour and 15 minutes outside the city, but totally worth the drive. The views and grounds are beautiful, the wine is really very good, and the flights are very affordable ranging from $12-$20. It’s the perfect little romantic getaway. Plus all the wineries have great restaurants so you can have a romantic meal and sober up for your drive home!

Valentine's Day Date Ideas in Atlanta

Valentine's Day Date Ideas in Atlanta
2. Hike Stone Mountain. It is the perfect way to get in some exercise together on Valentine’s Day. Plus, if you time it right, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and views of the city when you get to the top. David and I once did it with a small bottle of champagne and some Godiva chocolates in a backpack to enjoy when we got to the top while watching the sunset. While we weren’t the only ones up there, it was still a wonderful and romantic date.
Valentine's Day Date Ideas in Atlanta
3| Go to Holeman & Finch for dinner. I’m a big fan of H&F, not only for their famous burgers (which are worthy of all the hype in my humble opinion), but also because of their fantastic cocktails. The bartenders are truly artists and their goal is to bring the art back into cocktails. I’m not making this up, I actually took one of their bartending classes and they take this stuff seriously. Their cocktails are unique and bold with interesting combinations of flavors that won’t leave you disappointed. Plus they serve the burger all the time now, so no need to wait in the craziness that was the 10pm burger.
Valentine's Day Date Ideas in Atlanta

Valentine's Day Date Ideas in Atlanta
4| Go to Decatur for dinner and drinks. Decatur is my favorite place to spend a night out. The bars and restaurants are all great and conveniently all within walking distance of one another. Plus they are all small and quaint enough to give you the intimate feel while on your date unlike larger establishments in town. Like Holeman & Finch, most of the bars in Decatur take bartending seriously and make wonderful cocktails. Places I would recommend for drinks: Leons, Paper Plane, No. 246, Cakes & Ale. I also highly recommend No 246 for dinner, but really you can’t go wrong with any of the previously listed palces.
Valentine's Day Date Ideas in Atlanta
5| Have dessert at Cafe Intermezzo. With several locations around the city, famous desserts, and an intimate atmosphere, Cafe Intermezzo is the perfect date spot for Valentine’s day. Cozy up over some decadent coffee or dessert and simply enjoy one another’s company.
Valentine's Day Date Ideas in Atlanta


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