The Wedding Video


I’m back!  Sort of.  I want to post recap posts from our wedding day, so why not start with our wedding video?


Wedding videography was something I would not skimp on.  It was important to me, and luckily it was important to Jeremy.  No convincing required!  I know a lot of people don’t do a video, but I can tell you that they captured so many moments that I had forgotten and my wedding was only 3 weeks ago.  Can you imagine years down the road?


Your wedding day flies by.  Everything that people say is true.  You won’t eat anything.  You won’t have much cake.  And you are on your feet a ton talking to guests and trying to see everyone.  You probably will only see 1/2 the people you invited, and that is ok.  You can’t help it.  I barely drank anything either…but these are all posts for another day.


So without further ado, please enjoy our wedding video…it’s worth the 9 minutes, I promise!

(All these images are actually stills from our video).

Jeremy and Kristyn >>>> Along for the Ride from Kimberly K/Cinéma Vérité on Vimeo.

3 Years of Blogging Revelations


April marks the 3 year anniversary of this blog.  3 years!  I can’t believe I have been able to keep this up this long.  I can’t believe I have been able to grow my blog and make some lovely blog friends.  It has been an incredible 3 years.

After a long and hard deliberation, I have decided to take a blogging break.  

Blogging has become work and it hasn’t been fun for quite some time (the writing posts part hasn’t been fun, not the meeting/interacting with bloggers part).  I don’t see myself posting again until at least after the wedding.  It might even be after that…I am not sure yet.  I might not come back at all.  Who knows?  The Wedding Wednesday link up will still live on, however.  It will be hosted solely by Mary moving forward.  Continue to share your wedding planning stories!

Also, somewhere along the way, my priorities changed.  My blog became my #1 focus and that’s not how it’s supposed to be  I am engaged to a wonderful man and I owe him all of myself every single day.  It’s time for us to step back and start finding hobbies that we can do together, instead of spending night after night on the couch with computers or iPhones in our faces.  I should be focusing on my fiance and my family, not my blog.  I know that giving up the blog is the right thing to do.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog and commented on my posts.  You guys truly are the best and I will miss you while I am gone.

Ask Kristyn Round 2

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I am thinking of posting my first vlog, but to do that (and have something interesting to talk about), I need some questions from you guys.  I have done an Ask Kristyn post in the past, so why not bring it back and do it again.  The goal is to create a vlog in the next few weeks for you guys to get all the answers to your questions…so ask away!

Here is the answers post from my first round of Ask Kristyn to give you an idea of what has already been asked.

ask kristyn

** You can ask me pretty much any question.  I will be answering all of them in the vlog that I put together in the next few weeks.  Since I will be creating a vlog (and never done one before), I will need more time to put it together, hence the few weeks mentioned above.

** You really can ask me anything!

I can’t wait to see all of your questions that you submit!