Wedding Wednesday: No More Excuses!

This is from Harris’s birthday party on Saturday.  I feel that I look pregnant.  I am not.

I make excuses.  I make the often.  Why do I do this?

Starting this week, I am stopping the insanity and getting back on the right track.  I am starting back up with Weight Watchers (I haven’t canceled or anything but I haven’t been counting/tracking).  I am going to start working out.  I am not going to let myself get like this again.

Why the sudden change?  Well, I have been feeling crappy about myself for too long and it’s time for something to happen.  I can’t tell you when I stopped tracking on Weight Watchers, but I did.  And I never really started back up.  This has got to stop.  I am putting an end to this now.  I haven’t gained everything back that I lost the 1st time around, but I have gained some back and I don’t like that.

I think it really hit home for me when I bought my wedding dress.  It became real if that is even possible.  I know that I have to do something about my weight and my self image and I have to start now.  It isn’t really about how I will look in the dress, it is about how I will feel.  I want to feel beautiful and believe it.  That is the biggest thing.

I don’t believe compliments that people give me.  Not any more.
I have never been the best at accepting compliments but I used to believe people when they said them.  I don’t believe anymore.  This has got to change.

So, I started this week by getting back on Weight Watchers.  I am tracking again.  I am doing this because I know it works.  I am proof of that.  And I now know that if you stop tracking, you will gain weight back.

I am also going to start going back to the gym.  I need to tone up my arms and work on my abs.  A good cardio session will also do me a world of good.  I have free weights here too that I can use.  And I will use them.  I need to stop saying, “I can” or “I should”.  It needs to now be, “I will” and “I am”.

Who’s with me?

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  • Kathryn

    Girl, I am right there with you. Constantly trying to find what works best and will keep me motivated. Holidays, work travel, and vacation are making being healthy really hard.

  • The Pink Growl

    ME ME ME!!! Please! I feel the EXACT same way you do. Honestly since about Feb, I have not been able to stay on the healthy train. I have fallen off and let it run me right over. Not cute, and I hate feeling this way about myself. Let’s make a change!

  • Jodi

    Good for you!! I need to get my butt in the gym. I’m doing a 50 mile walk in Sept and I need to be in much better shape for that! I have a free 1 month membership to a gym so going to start it next week.

  • Veronica Lee Burns

    I think you look amazing! Like really!

    I don’t do weight watchers but I’m trying to get back into working out as much as I used to.

  • Morgan Rae

    If I can do this, you can do it too! I failed miserably at my first go around at the whole wedding diet thing. I have started round 2 this week. I know it will be tough from time to time, but I just picture myself walking down the isle in my beautiful dress and imagine myself having the body that I WANT to have on my wedding day. WE can do this!!

  • Vicki Garrett

    I think you look great but I know how you feel! I have plenty of excuses as to why I never work out either and I’m so unsatisfied with myself. I need to start exercising again too.

  • Stevie C

    Man, I hear ya. I’ve been tracking, but having way too many “whatever” weekends. I haven’t gained any weight, but i’ve been stuck right where i’m at for about a month now. It terrifies me that you gained when you stopped tracking. It makes me feel like i’ll never be able to do this on my own…

    However, good for you. If you want, we can yell at each other and hold each other accountable. It seems to work for me and my mom!

  • Raising Reagan

    Self confidence is always the hardest thing to achieve. We find so many faults with ourselves. Good luck getting back into your WW routine and working out :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  • Jessa

    I’d love to link up, but it says the link wont open until 3:30pm!

    Also, I hear you! I’m getting married late October and I still don’t even have my dress! I waited a while in hopes that I would lose some weight. Hasn’t happened. I’m going this weekend to try on the last few and no matter what, I’ll be buying one!

    You know what, though? I thought about it, and this is who I am. It doesn’t matter if I lose 10lbs, or 60lbs, for my wedding. What matters is that I’m marrying the man I love, and that those pictures will be of us, together.

    Don’t be so hard on yourself! It’s never bad to want to improve your health, but it is bad for you to be mean to yourself about it! (Not saying you were, just a friendly reminder!)

  • Mary

    I’m with you! I just started WW again two weeks ago. We can do it!

  • RitaMarie

    Couldn’t agree more. I want to believe the sweet things people tell me. I fell off the wagon big time- and I thought I didn’t care. But I do.

  • Raewyn Smith

    I am with you!

  • Amber

    Good for you, girl. I know how you feel – it’s tough though. I know it doesn’t help (since you won’t believe me anyway) 😉 But I think you’re gorgeous!

  • Anna Sinclair

    Good for you. The fella did weight watchers and it worked great for him. When he stopped the weight came back on. We have a fantastic weight watchers cookbook that we actually need to use more often…it’s all so nicely laid out for us!

  • Michelle Thomas

    I agree!! I consider myself “healthy” but am guilty of getting off track and getting lazy, then complain about how I look or feel. I look around like ,who’s to blame for my fat butt? Oh yea, ME! haha! It’s so easy to be lazy…but so rewarding not to be! Good luck on your journey! Stopping by from the Just Because link up!
    Michelle @ Our Three Peas

  • christa

    I just got back from vacation and am back on track!