A New Look

Hola guys!  A few fun things to update you on:

We got our iPhone5’s yesterday!!   YAH!  It was time for me to upgrade, so hello iPhone.  I had been an Android user for a while.  Finally I made the switch.  What apps and games do I need for the iPhone?  I just downloaded Vine last night.

I am going dress shopping tomorrow, but I have a post all about that for tomorrow.

A few weeks ago, I had a vblate with Kaitlyn and Amberly.  Kaitlyn critiqued our blogs while we were chatting.  One thing she mentioned was making my “About Me” blurb on the main page smaller.  Now, I love my design and I wasn’t quite ready for a full blown redesign, so I reached out to Erin to see if she could fix my ole bloggy blog.  And boy, did she ever!

A huge shout out to Erin for making my blog awesome looking and being so quick to respond to emails and getting it done.  I thought it would take a little longer, but nope nope nope.  She did it in like 2 days and installed very quickly as well.  I love it!

What do you guys think about the redesign?  I LOVE this!  Thank you so much Erin!  I will be keeping you in mind when I am ready for a full blown redesign.  

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    I like the new design, but I think I prefer seeing a little blurb on the side about the blogger- but that’s just me!! Love my iphone 5!!

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    I really like the new redesign. I am currently doing another design for my own blog – a simpler my beachy feel. If you get a chance, I’d love for you to come visit our little family over at One Fine Wire!

    So nice to meet you!

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