Stitch Fix: Questions Answered And An Announcement

After my post yesterday about how I am not a fashion blogger, I got a few comments about Stitch Fix.
I want to clarify a few things that some people were curious about.
After following Erin for a long time, I kept seeing her posts about Stitch Fix.  I was curious, so I did what any rational person does.
I signed up without really understanding what it is.
I want to tell you guys what to do and answer some of your questions about Stitch Fix:

How do I get started?

You have to fill out a style profile and that helps them determine what to send to you.

How much does it cost?

You initially pay $20 for them to style your box.  This is applied to anything you wish to keep.

How does it work?

After you set up your profile and your date the box will be shipped, you wait.  When your box arrives, you get to check out what they picked for you.  You will always receive 5 items.  My box came with a wrap dress, a pair of pants, and 3 shirts.
After you look through your stuff and try things on, you can decide what to keep.  I only kept one item.
This is the shirt that I kept.  They package everything so perfectly.

How do you ship things back?

This is easy!  They enclose a HUGE return package with the shipping already paid for.  You just have to have it in the mail in 3 days from receiving your box.

How do you pay for the items you pick?

This is another easy thing to do.  You just login to the Stitch Fix website and fill out the survey about your Fix. After you tell them what you are keeping, it will take you to the checkout to purchase your items.

Is this a monthly subscription?

No.  You can choose to have monthly boxes sent to you, but it is not required.  You are also able to schedule when you want your box to come to you.  I got my first one May 6th.  You can see above that my 2nd one is scheduled to come July 2nd.

Do I lose anything if I don’t keep any of the clothes they send?

Yes.  You will lose that $20 style fee that they charged when your box was sent.  But that is all.  So, it’s not like you lose that much.  And I would bet that there will be at least one item that you want to keep.
Now hopefully you know a little bit more about Stitch Fix.
I do want to mention that even though they try to keep the clothes within your budget on your profile, some things were more expensive than I imagined they would be.  The shirt I kept was much more expensive than I would normally spend on an item of clothing, but I do love it and will wear it A LOT.  So keep that in mind as well.

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?

I am so excited to announce the winner of the giveaway is:

285 Audrey Dawkins Follow @GramonoDotCom on Twitter

Congrats Audrey!  Please email me so that I can get you in touch with Megan!!


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  • Ashley @ Downsizing

    I found your blog on Aloha Friday and started following on Google Friend Connect. I have seen several style bloggers post about stitch fix and keep wanting to try it and deciding against it. Way to be spontaneous and just go for it!

    Ashley @

  • Alyssa

    I am so curious about this!!! This post totally clarified so many things for me!! One more question though… are the clothes they send you expensive? haha I’m afraid of getting things I love and not wanting to keep them because I’m cheap.

  • Mary

    Very cool! I want to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  • Amber

    I’m so glad you did this post, I have been so curious about it but didn’t know enough and definitely didn’t want to sign up knowing nothing!!!

  • Annessa @ Seeking Sunshine

    What a cool idea! This would definitely be something fun to try- especially when I’m too lazy to put an outfit together!
    Annessa @ Seeking Sunshine recently posted…Worth It: Favorite Buys of OctoberMy Profile

    • Kristyn

      I really liked StitchFix. It was awesome to get different stuff from them. It was a little more expensive than I would have thought it would be, but I still have so many of the things I bought and can still wear them today.