The Skin Saga Routine: Nighttime

Hello again loves.  I am going to talk about my nightly skin care routine with you today.  If you missed The Skin Saga: The Morning, check it out.

Some of these things will look familiar because I use a lot of the same things I do for my morning routine.  Don’t most people?  I don’t have the funds to have completely different routines.

Again, I wash my face twice a day everyday.  Honestly.  Every day.  No matter how many glasses of wine I have had, I wash my face.  It has to happen!

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

I really love how moisturizing this cleanser is.  It doesn’t lather, so if you need that to feel cleaner, don’t use this.  I just like this because it doesn’t irritate my skin with the Clarisonic.  It leaves my skin soft too…which is also great.

Clarisonic Mia 2

I have talked about my Clarisonic a lot on the blog.  If you are new here…you can read about those adventures here and here.  I have found a great balance with the Clarisonic.  I was using it way too much before (2 times a day).  Don’t do that unless you want to look like you too Accutane from 10 years ago.  Once I switched to only using it once a day, it has really changed my face.  All those blemishes and crazy red dots that came out before disappeared.  My face has never felt so soft and clean as it does with the Clarisonic.  I know that there are other products similar to this on the market for less, but I don’t think you can duplicate how great Clarisonic really is.  One of my favorite Christmas gifts ever received.

Dickinson’s Witch Hazel

I want to say that this stuff is honestly one of the best things I have purchased that was over the counter.  I really feel like it has helped solve so many of my issues with my face.  Is my face perfect yet?  No.  I mean, it won’t be perfect…but I mean perfect to me.  It’s not yet, but I know that it is on it’s way.  I honestly don’t think you guys understand what I was dealing with before.  This stuff is great.

L’Oreal Youth Code Correcting Serum

I use this stuff twice a day and I have noticed such a difference already.  I can’t remember when I bought it, but I am still on my first bottle and I seem to have so much more to go.  For $25, it’s a great value compared to the designer brands.  It doesn’t make you break out like other products I tried (at least for me).  It’s not immediate results, but I am noticing results.  I have one cheek that has tons of dark spots on it (why do I only seem to get acne on one side of my face??  Weird).  I can’t wait to see all the spots disappear.

Clinique Acne Solutions Moisturizer

I have used this stuff for a while.  I love it.  I do add a moisturizer after this stuff has dried just to make sure my face doesn’t get too dry.  But I love that it uses benyzol peroxide and really helps to kill any acne ickies that pop up.  This is a great acne product that I love.  Yes, it’s more expensive than some products over the counter, but it works.  Some things are worth the money if they work, right?

So there you have it.

What is your nighttime skin care routine?

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  • Nadine

    The blog world is so into the clairsonics and it makes me jealous! I have a hard time justifying spending so much but I know that I would love it. One of these days I just have to bite the bullet and buy one. I’m a huge fan of the CeraVe moisturizer too. It’s fabulous and doesn’t make me break out at all.