Funerals Aren’t All Sad

Before I get into the fun times from last weekend, I wanted to share with you something really exciting.  I am now offering Ad spots on my blog.  You can go to the “Sponsors” section on the header to find out more information!
I would love to have you and look forward to working with you!
When we were up in Indiana last week we had a day to ourselves.  We spent Saturday at a Purdue basketball game.  It was Senior Day and it was awesome for me to go there and see a game live.  I have to say that I am not a fan of basketball, but Jeremy loves it…so it was really fun to go and watch them.  And they won!  Even better right?

 Warming Up.  Purdue is in grey uniforms.  Why they chose grey for their Senior Day game, I don’t know.
This is one of their student sections.  They call those the “Paint Crew”.  I don’t know why, but I think that’s cool.  Their other student section is on the other side of the court.
 Jeremy’s mom and Aunt Lorrie after the funeral.

Jeremy and his mom.  This is such a cute picture!

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