I have an announcement.  Ooh this is so exciting.  
I don’t know if it’s because of all the bloggy prayers that came our way on Wednesday, but Jeremy was extended a job offer on Friday!  If you sent a teeny prayer our way, thank you!
It’s such a relief to know that he won’t be losing his job and we won’t have to make some drastic decisions–some were really drastic.  I am just so darn proud of him.
I want to thank LinkedIn.  I had no idea how great this website is if you are in the market for a new job.  No idea.  I had gotten emails from recruiters before but I always just deleted them.  Well, Jeremy got an email from one and actually answered it.  And he got an interview.  So thank you LinkedIn.
He hasn’t accepted anything yet and there are still some questions to be answered, but he has an offer that he is seriously considering and I couldn’t be happier for him!!
(Oh, he looked dashing in his suit!  So sexy!!)


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    That’s how I got my last job in PA. I received an email from a recruiter who found my resume online. I almost didn’t answer the phone and almost didn’t go to the interview. But, I’m glad I did!

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